Happy 21st!

School was -.- roll eyes please.im starting to hate sch all over again hahaha the subjects suck btw.only hpys are . left after the lecture,went all the way to NP to find someoneeee please.haha ultimate long journey almost died,super tired coz woke up at 6am-.- hahahhhh had lunch w fatz classmates & i crashed their tutorial.hoho tcher didnt find out! bused with one of his classmate,michelle to CDC.haha she’s nice i luv her eyelashes! driving was i was so tired hahhh sucks.oh i met rachel lim hui ping @ cdc!haha cos we’re both using the same instructor & her slot was before mine HAHAHA omg happy like maddd.!!! bused back w fatz he got me a rose HAHAHA & we had dinner @ astons again!niceeee Happy 21st month you fatty.i luv you 4eva.<3
im gna get my pink phone tmr if the starhub centre is open!whooo!my current phone turns 1 today,so time to change!its been a year baby! plus phone alr konked out longgg time agooo in bethlehem-.- wna watch paris hilton my new bff but no more liaooooo.

i am currently v in love with this piece from taiwan/korea i forgot haha. $27,nice anot ah? LOL. the supplier says the more ppl buy the faster she can get,thus i keep asking cos i wna get mine!HAHA


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