Dropped sis @ SP today & passed by the bridge to NP so i called fatz to see if he reached & tadaaa i looked up from the car to see him waving to us from up there HAHA.so i managed to see him today!
B&Js free cone day again!been there x3 years alr lol.usually dont fancy B&Js,prefer yamiii!mummy nv tried B&Js before hahaha so since we were at vivo we went to join the queue!moved quite fast cos no sch ppl yet @ 1pm.got our ice cream within 20mins! it was yummmmmy haha!shall go there more often if i feel rich!cuz im v poor now anw lunched @ sushi tei the salmon rice tasted weird hahaha some creamy sauce eew.shopped w mummy it was fun & i love her v much! mummy got me a Mango cardi & some heels hahaha thank you anw my toes are hurting cos we walked for so long w/o stopping they’re all red & omgziiii painful. had a reallllly nice day today & sch starts tmr!hoho.


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