Time to stop & think about my future.
Off to do some soul searching before heading out.


” Onward and upward your course plan today, 
  Seeking new heights as you walk Jesus’ way;
  Heed not past failures, but strive for the prize,
  Aiming for goals fit for His holy eyes.” – ODB

Something to remind myself it aint all about worldy stuff or the people whom i cross paths with everyday,it’s about what i can do to become more like Christ more and more each day.It’s not about how smart or stupid i am,it’s not about how pretty or ugly i am, it’s not about how popular or unpopular i am. It’s about the walk i have & the walk i’ll have in time to come.

okay now i can almost bet fatz is laughing at me for typing these. off for my long lost QT time.shit i feel so bad for not doing it.


2 thoughts on “stop.

  1. hello Fats,im not laughing at you la silly! But I really thank the lord for what he had done through this years in your life and whatever things that he have guide you or us in. 🙂 so thankful for them all. Let your light shine for christ and be a blessing to others and to the people around you darling! Takecare and cya Tmr!Xoxo.fatty

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