& i dont wna miss a thing.

Woke up super early 830am cuz timetable was cmg out at 10am!read W’s sms so hurry came online to check class via the student info thingy.Timetable is..rather fine to me!thurs fri end at 1pm,other days not bad too.so yeah,thankfulsubjects are crazy.so many law.wait,i think all are law related except APEL anw W’s in my class again!we’re in the same classs whoooo.3 yrs alr haha!so that’s the only good thing out of year 3 i suppose.. anw caught the movie 17 AGAIN with fatz.zac efron is freaking burning hotness.ahhh i dream of the day he’ll be mine,haha sry fatz!went to collect the 3 havaianas from his cousin @ paragon..err no comments HAHAHA  but the slippers are lovely,thanks! jelly slippers,so far SG doesnt have it hehe.Jelly black for me & my sis & the limited ed gold ones for his sis!super cheap all 3 for $81 only la!the gold one in SG alr $60 bucks-.- add ours alr like what $130 lol!so yeah got them cheap,direct from australiaaaa i think mine is an advanced 22mth gift.lol.anw town is borrrring mhm we had gloria jeans..coca loco or smthg.it was gross.HAHAHA.first time gloria jeans so gross.think the ppl anyhow make lor it sucked.anw im super sleepy,like forever.oreo cheesecake for supper later !

17 havaianas

i love the PARIS HILTON MY NEW BFF show haha freaking funny la the onch or smthg.lol cute show.


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