Lunch w mummy & fatty @ market today!kwap chap stall was closedanw mummy dropped us off & we took bus for my drivingggg.sucks leh im lagging behind fatty cos i went japan then nv take driving lessonhaha anwww fatz so sweet bought my this candy & ribeeenaaaa!btw this candy rocks got gel at the bottom & lolipop on the top its damn nice u can suck both at the same time!HAHAHA.anyhowww after driving we went walkinggg at cityhall mamamia boring like cowdung.met family at SMU,drove to newton area see condo,too ex pls,went to the novena LUCIDA condo.anyhow whack some price for the developer & they said ok omgggg so we bought the condo omyyydog.damn shocked i smsed fatty like eh wth bought alr-.- haha so anw yes its a small condo near town think for investments haha my dad says it’s for my mum cus today is their engagement day 23 yrs ago HAHAHAHAHA.stop it please i thought it was the day they made my sis or smthg anw now the agents are here settling the option to purchase omg sounds like conveyancing law right mates!hahaha ok timetable out tmr got a bad feeling about the classes thingy ohmy.


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