Almost died of cramps today.freakass painful ate 4 pink panadols somemore.made cupcakes w fatty today.he made 70% of it cos i died while making the icing! v sweet & nice to eat HAHA! green coloured cupcakes with warhead gummies & nerdsoh yes & we ate the doraemon sponge cookie thingy too.shared w mummy hoho nice!my laptop keeps shutting down.stupid HP laptop.every few mins burning then auto shut Acer also another one,so lag like shit cant use one haha!rar anwww just now went out w fetch sis & her friend from SP then dropped fatz off & came home to eat banana[sylvia this reminds me of you haha cus tt time you ate one whole bunch of bananas till ls right lol!] anw this customer is annoying me like shit.she doesnt get simple english,told her $5 meetup fee for anywhere other than serangoon,she will ask like oh so Plaza sing can?like wtf i said serangoon not purple line my anw she alr paid for her items which is good so i can just wait till she decides to meet me at serangoon or choose to receive by mail else she can wait long long long!stupid.hate customers like her.dont understand simple english still want to buy!still ask me what,you can meet me at bugis? cos i got work who cares if you have work think i so free to find you meh.crazy-.- haha damn annoyingggggg!cant you just opt for mailing little girl!

Doraemon-fatty’s best bud.



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