HI SG!:)

Feels good to be back!woke up 5am today to catch subway by 630 and change 2 subways and get into the airport train by 730am.reached before 7am,waited,waited.train came,supposed to reach air port by 830am,end up some train had accident,train tracks all jammed,all trains delayed some ppl panicked like shit haha cos they were gonna miss their flights[which in the end i reckon they missed] anyhow,our flight was at 1030am,we only got to the airport at 940am!train delayed by more than an hour pls.ran like crazy,checked in,then omg there was still another check in point la!knsss the queue was freakass long & we had only 10 mins before the aeroplane gate closes.tsk.The japanese air stewardess made us run like crazy,think around 2km,cos we had to run to the other end of the airport to get to our gate?wth ahha my mother was like half dead pls ending up pulling her luggage for her HAHAHA.The second we got in was the second the door was shut.omg thank God pls else ill still be in japan hoohaaa.7 hr flight.damn boring omgggg.cabbed home after reaching T3 at 6pm.changed,went to meet fatty for dinner!YAY steak & chicken hoho & frolick!then walked homenv see him for like 9 days pls haha imy fatfat.hope you like the stuff<3

v sleepy now cos i ate those motion sickness pills eeeew.out again tmr!


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