fatz came over super early tdy.hahaha zzzz sleeping mode please haha!enrolled his IS module,what physical fitness shit to prepare for NS HAHAHA!had lunch,did up our ipods,added more music lol & took bus to CDC.stupid leh,our instructor installed a brake on his side of the car[left side] HAHA he went to the toilet while i was sitting at the driver’s seat,so i bent down to see & tadaaaa haha he has a brake tooscared we crash his car ah?lol.drove until headache please.waited for fatty after that.met customer again knn haha angry please im not doing anymore meetups!always wasting time waiting for ppl to arrive-.- charged the girl $3 meetup fee cos she was late HAHAHA yes i am mean,so what!waste my time RIGHT ANOT.irony is,tmr im meeting up again.but she’s a friend so its ok HAHAHA! & i owe another girl her bag & leggings which ill deliver after i get back from Japan.omg sianzzzx.day & night out w fatty tmr.yay!ily.21 mths soon HAHA.



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