We caught confessions of a shoppaholic today wait,is that the title?yes i think it is was nice,hilariously funnyyyy! nice time tgt anw,and we had lunch @ Nihon Mura haha im damn sick of Jap food urgh.somemore going to Japan HAHA damnnnn.looking fwd to buying back stuff for fatty! DUTY FREE HAHAHA. love airport shops btw. back to point,we ate for close 2 hrs,bused to Centrepoint,he wanted his toycars-.- then bought him his Renoma Key thingy tsk.trained back tgt,mummy pickeddaddy’s out at Bible Study Fellowship now.skipped dinner,drank soup only cos i feel full at the moment.shall eat cereal later! driving again tmr.sometimes i drive till can sleep please.zzzzz.
We’re praying for God’s direction whether or not to invest in the new condoso pls pray for us too hahaha.

x hi fatty ily!


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