The pic above-fatz in my pri 6 specs HAHA!



stayed home today.i dont see anything particularly anticipating outside haha.its just damn boring!!! threadless spree,bought both of us one tee each.major sale what,$5 USD per tee with shipping fees still less than $15 only haha!(: loveeeee it. been busy doing online ads.hahaha i really dislike it when customers pay for their item & then take so long to tell me when they wanna collect it or smthg.hahaha.but i like it that they pay fast though.HAHAHA.anw PLS CLEAR MY LAST VICTORIA SECRET WRISLET. im so tempted to keep so many but my mother has been scolding me to get rid of my VS stocks HAHA im hoardingggg!

mon im treating fatz jap food on mon.along w our movieee date. it’s been 20 months!haha i am amazed that i can even love a person for that long HAHA,thought i’d only love someone for 6 mths max? baby heart you long term sometimes you’re super irritating but i know i am too,so we both irritate the hell of each other & so ill still love you hahahahaha. 
RYAN HPY.all the best w your new r/s,haha jiayou okay!you were supposed to get married this year!that’s what you told me!HAHAHAHA.

okay tdy’s a boring wkend.stuck @ home,church tmr & lunch w the churchies i think!i can’t wait!


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