popeye the sailor man!

Went over to fatty’s house today.watched my fav jon&kate plus 8,ordered PIZZA HUT delivery!10 chicken wings!packed up his room omg frking dusty! & so many cocoons omg sick shit haha his sister screamed super loudly eh lol.anw his room is super tidy now yay & omg he has tonnes of toycars kill me eh.i wiped like more than 100 pls haha in the boxes still have another 100 +!!!anwwww played around in his popeye top which i took home to bring to japan HAHAHA.& i stole his doraemon mouse! & hes gna pay for my top HAHAHA.bestbest.took 6 buses tdy,he took 8 omg.met Wenkai at interchange! i just cut my bowl of garlic again!yummmy eh.sentosa tmr!

love butterfly chrochet top hoho.


check out the toycars & his younger days pic with peter HAHA at mission trip!




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