20th monthsary

Our 20th is tmrw!but i gave him his gifts today cuz he gave me mine abt a mth back hahaha!<3 we rushed to meet a customer today & had lunch @ marina..yay to saba fish!lovelove it.wanted to catch HOTEL FOR DOGS at 240..but when we got our tickets at 1220,we realised we could catch the earlier show at 1240!haha yayyy & we had nachos & cokeee. the show was really good.another one of those doggy shows that make you feel like you should keep 30 dogs at home lol.went over to PS hahaha omg my uncle caught us outside lollll.paiseh alr haha.bused home cos train waste money mah!we have bus concession HAHAHA.bought chedol for parents & rpmilktea for ourselves.tmr..we’re either staying home at my place or going to his place.enough of spending.tadaaaa.oh & i forgot to mention our movie tdy was free thanks to fatty’s daddy for free tickets!

happy 20th month in 7 hrs haha heartheart<3



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