driving prac today.it was uh hahaha mundaneeee.same stuff,drove round khaki bukit or smthg.wenkai came t meet me while fatty was driving3 of us had lunch tgt then he left.went to bugis,bought something for my NS cousin haha.his bday is cmg up.& so is belle’s!haha.had red pearl btea,walked around,SG is super boring pls.everyday im like going to the same places-.- lol fatty got me the pink cupcake fluff ezlink card thingy i wanted since 2007 HAHAHAthank you mushroom head.we trained & collected my 5 VS wristlets.theyre so lovely haha i keep staring at the 6 in my cupboard.yes i am greeeeey i hoard everything for myself hoho. tmr we’re gg out w his sis i think..that is if she wakes up on time HAHAHA & did i mention she’s v pretty!

when i go to japan ill buy back tonnes of doraemon stuff for fatty cos i just rmbed tt japan’s mascot is doraemon HAHAHA.which country will take spongebob as their mascot?


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