thai express:D

Driving prac today morn.woke up super early 8am zzzzwalked down w fatz at 9ish.drove near TP today.haha it was fun @ 50km/hr lol slowwww pls.waited for fatz & read my boook,met hui ching again!wanted to go table 108 for buffet but they end buffet so early-.- so shall go tmr.hahaha.thai express instead!yummmmy tom yam fish glass noodles & soft shell crab curry rice lol.after that was FROLICKKK.bought the take home tub omg so bigggfaint pls.ate it on the spotttt & bought pandan cake home for mummy & daddy.fatz came over,we tested out our new laptopzzz haha can take pic with the webcam leh!my HP one cannot.haha so shiok,am using the new one on my lap now.previous one heats up so fast it burnsssss to put it on my lap the laptop now. just played catching w fatty haha wth right.damn fun!





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