1st driving lesson!

Driving was fun man!woke up super early at 740 cos fatty was cmg over at 8ish,walked down to some busstop[20 min walk omg],took 45 and reached CDC met instructor,i went first!haha omg first lesson & i was forced to drive on main road-.- scaryyyy,no choice,must drive on road la kns haha engine stalled 5 times,stepped brake too hard the car jumped haha frickking funny i kepy laughing-.- paiseh paiseh ahaha.fatty caught me driving so he snap snap snap pics haha!waited for him after that,watched devil wears prada on his ipod.lunched there & went over to cityhall,met cai,vanessa,sharmilla,sheryl[customer] & delivered all the VS wristlets to them & the girl’s 4 pairs of shoes.walked w cai to get some stuff for his friend then we 2 left for home! just ordered 5 more VS wristlets..only left 2 on hand right now!haha its hot-sellling manzzz.

xx fats


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