Met fatty at Mrt,waited for the VS girl to pass me my bag thanks for all the bags!<3 all victoria secret bags are totally out of stock on web already.booooo.good thing i got mine & for friends alr!haha.waited for him to finish his survey,he gave me $10 haha!met mummy & sis for lunch @ wisma. met ms andrea kang!lollll.sec3 tcher eh haha! shopped around,ultimate boring!homed & it pourrrrred.had ice cream & banana for nose has been leaking since afternoon-.- damn pain okay! am eating strepsils now.ilove strepsils! i just sold off my hollyhoque top.bought it,didnt like it,sold it!sold 4 pairs of shoes today as well.hahaha!

anw who wants to buy this victoria secret bag let me knowww,retail price is $60,selling for $50.


Now this pretty baby here costs $25 bucks! im getting 5 stocks,who wants to reserve?:) 2 alr gone,1 reserved for ian cai!another one for fatty’s classmate.left 3,im planning to keep all so who wants pls reserve ah! it’s already out of stock everywhere so im v tempted to keep all!

vs wristlet

xx strepsillllls love please.


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