Today was super rush!lol met mel png in the morning to pass her the bag<3 then bused to cityhall to meet vanessa to pass her another bag haha! thanks for the sweets,i like sweets!xx
waited at Cityhall,roamed around with baby & we bought * ahaha it was so cute it had monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday funday holiday printed on it! met cai,went to CHIJMES-TABLE 108,waited for the super slow jeff to arrive haha! had the buffet quite nice & the tom yam soup was super spicy almost died! Listened to stories,bitched around & walked around raffles-suntec area.settled at GLORIA JEANS,baby so sweet treated my friends coffee & chillers hahahah slacked & bummed around,called Soph,went to collect stuff at sengkang then mummy picked

It was a great day with them,havent spoken to cai for 2 yrs due to underground reasons haha & i havent seen jeff for a year too!


Im so sleeeepy ): xx


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