clock ticking

met fatty at little indiaaaa today & bused to his house!we cooked lunch-veg & garlic & topshell omg my fav & cheese sausage & we bought chicken rice HAHA super yummy!slacked around,watched some vcd his sister played then played some online bowling game & left for plaza sing! sold off one of his MYUK wallets for $22,met the lady today she says its for her son,but when i facebooked the email she used,the Display pic was a guy la!freaky please. in any case,we earned tdy & so yes,happy!hahaha.was supposed to meet his friends but they were all late & i had to rush off to collect the VS bags,so we leftttt after GELARE waffles!added extra maple syrup collected the bags for mel png & vanessa,yay!they’re pretttty i just stuffed them with paper so the shape wont be so eeeky & wrapped them in plastic

& i just chatted with soph hahaha ive missed you woman!hopefully ill bump into you somewhere tmr while you’re out,& ill see you next wk or smthg!
sophil says:
sophil says:
Nicole ❤ K.19th! says:
lol okay what hehehe so cute la you haha tt time we still wanted to be single forever hahaha super funnny
sophil says:
sophil says:


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