This was today.im exhausted man.fatty came over in the morning,watched slumdog part1 on dvd had lunch & of to WWW!wah it was frigging empty,so fun & we got free entry cos of corporate card hahah! shiok,played everything except that V shaped slide,damn scary!& the cycling thing also SUPER scary im burnt eventhough i put like super big blobs of sunblock lotion!my stomach,black,face,shoulders,omg red,disgusting..daddy stored $30 in his pocket so we could have snacks while playing hha,hot dogs & waffles! love the 6 seater slide thingy!

&&&!my sister told me”i think i just saw melissa ang”,so i turned & tadaaaaa!hello bff at pasir ris! ❤

tmr tmr tmr..we’re going to meet his classmates for snack/lunch i dunno & wed we’re going to meet my bffls jeff cbel keith & cai if cbel & keith are free i’ve missed their company,i probably meet them only once or twice a year due to one being in australia,others busy with their partners haha etc.meeting this wk so yay!

i keep feeling like im on the WWW floats makes me seasick man.& i love the VS bags i wrapped them both in plastic dont wanna use yet haha i am so damn bloody weird even fatty thinks im deranged


no eyeliner day!i like my eyeliner.hahahaha.


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