magaret river :D

Came online to chat with Sh before we left Pemberton 😀 nice seeing him in the morning haha I miss himmmm its been 8-9 days or something ): Travelled to Magarets River today, it was storming when we left! visibility on the road was 0% so we stopped for a while before driving off. Journeyed for 3 hours or so, finally reached (: had lunch at a seafood grill place, yay steak, clam chowder, fries, salad, muscles, spaghetti, prawns 😀 went to fudge factory thereafter, bought 6 blocks of fudge lol. Went to check out our hotel for 2 nights. Its amazing. Sharing a room with sis it has 2 beds! (: and parents have their own room, we have a huge living room, kitchen, spa, toilet, laundry room. Its like a house please haha,amazzzzing man 😀 drove out to walk around, bought or baby his favourite match box toycars (: since I saw it might as well get it right! Tsk. Bought back so much food, 3 huge bottles[2Litre] coke, pasta, juices, roasted chicken, mangoes, cherries blabla cos we’re cookin tonight in our ‘house’ haha!(: mummy’s preparing the food as im typing this and daddy’s cutting the mangoes while sis is in the spa haha! I have 4 hours of internet to use today, so im saving it to chat with sh when he comes online ltr 😀 am typing this in wordpad to save time 😀 heeeeh enjoy ya’ll! Its freezing here btw eeeew. Temperature should be around 15degrees I guess? COLD!!!

SH!3 more days and I can see you<3


DSC03322 DSC03377 DSC03384 DSC03385


k bye!(:


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