fremantle prison

A day of the prisoner’s life.

prisoner’s clothes.
DSC03231 DSC03234
the many cells.netting was put because prisoners fell down and died on the floor.
Church in the prison[still used today for weddings]
the nicely painted walls of the cell

Spent the day at FREMANTLE. went to the prison there,it was freakinggg scary.its not in use anymore,but it was in use from the 1800s to 1991[not that long ago!]the tour was nice but the place was superrr eerie.43 men were hung in the prison,1 woman. all hung to death for the crimes they committed.the tour guide showed us the place where ppl got hanged,it was DAMN the prisoners get blindfolded[so they cannot see what will happen to them] then the loop is put around their neck,a particular huge knot tied on the left side to cut off blood supply to their brain when they get hanged.then a lever is pulled & their backbone will snap,arteries will snap,everything just snaps and they land below where doctors are waiting for the body.sick right!one 15 yr old kid was wrongly accused of murder but he got hanged before they found out the truth.imagine that place!freaky.saw their cells too,damn small.some ppl tried escaping & in the end got shot,now they are still in prison -.-

anw,went to factory outlets later on in the day,got havainas & parents got for sh his xmas gift,bought another hoodie for him hahaha.tmr we’re moving out from perth area,driving to somewhere else,then back to perth on mon cos we wna go to the outlet mall again hehehe(:

that’s all for tdy,enjoy the pics! ❤


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