blue cat :D

There are 2 ATMs here in Aussie that look like those in Singapore haha,black&white one is called NAB[in SG its DBS!haha] and the blue&yellow one is called ___[i forgot,but in SG its POSB] haha pretty cool!i can draw cash here with my card but i’d be charged $5 for every transaction made lol.anw i didnt bring my card.mhmm tdy was spent walking around HAY street where my hotel is.walked around,went to Boarders to read some magzzz,shopped,excceeded budget,smsed Sh bought my chrochet tops[!!!] bought the china collared top in white for Mel.A cuz she wanted it haha,got one for myself in black HAHA bought smthg for R&W also & more for myself hahhha.we took a BLUE CAT bus to the city for free,went to the seaside for ice coffeeeee & mocha then we took the bus back was superrrr windy please.had pizzzzaaa & wraps for dinner. now im back in the room eating mangoes & talking to my fatty.haha omg i misssss him i havent seen him in 4-5 days!!! & i know he is very happy to read this.& i bought him bermudazzzz & some funny toything today haha i think he’ll be happppy 1 more week! shopping at Fremantle again it there haha so sunny & hot & yay.

DSC03180 DSC03188


 DSC03201 DSC03205 DSC03211


Stuff i got since sat haha,some for SH & some for clique/friends!




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