met HPYs for lunch at ITAS today.OB was so  ill prolly get 15/30 or fail or smthg,the MCQ was so tough man,i just tikam-ed whatever i thought was correct?hahah,die.bused alone to town,got the beltsx3 for customermet mummy & sis for coffee/snack at ToastBox @ Wisma.totally forgot that amanda was at Cotton On working.i have STM omg.met ms andrea kang & err ms Shrek.i forgot her real name omg!haha but since we used to call her ms shrek then yeah,saw them,waved to ms kang 3B2`05 form teacher hahahah sec3 was sooo long ago,hahahhh miss the frickking PL bitches to the max.ey 4B2`06 gathering when ah!someone plan!haha.anywayyy,i saw some damn pretty shoes/wedges today,frickking cheap like 50 with 70% off or 50% off blabla yadayada & i wanted to get it so bad,but i thought i’d look around in aussie,see if they have nicer ones before i get it locallySh must be so proud of me cuz i saved $ lol.oh yes saw this v nice Gucci bag but it was like $1250 omgzzz so yeah better close both eyes and just walk away haha.walked almost all of town,had Coke at Macs,daddy came,drove to Holland V, found the shops selling our digi cam,haggled the price from $349 to $300,had dinner at some idk what place,TOMYAM!&ROASTED CHICKEN!then back home sis & i got the same cam,mine’s in pink & her’s in camel.both v nice haha its our xmas presents for this year!

haha stupid facezzz.


haha mummy so short lol.

sh has this cam in blue too!hahahah.
omg eh accounting.


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