accounting tuition in the morning for 2 half hours omg what if i fail mid sems la!disgrace please,tuition still fail. 😡 went out after tuition,trained to dover.super long ride,played kungfu panda & spongebob hp game all the way.wanted to draw cash at dover but it could only dispense 50 dollar bills.stupid! i prefer drawing in 20s haha.met fatty,bused to cine & .bought our tickets for WILDCHILD! lunched at SUBWAY, roasted beef&cheese&3cookies&iltea!whooo haha,met cuzzie megan! wildchild was freakingggg funny & nice,i like looking at bimbotic bitches ended at 5, walked around & bought myself shoes haha,freaking cheap what!$26—>$16.90!i like wedges.dont like stilettos!so yes i bought wedges lol.trained back,met sis & her 2 friends,mummy fetched us home. Had a really nice day today. haven’t been out in town shopping for quite some time heh.studying tmr![i hope]

WILDCHILD!go watch!

 BOLT the cutie.

DSC02926 DSC02927

i have a long tongue.hahahah
6 days to australia! mixed feelings haha.


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