reached sch at an unearthly hour of 720am cuz mummy sent me before heading to work.glad for the ride lol.hate squeezing with the morning working my book till class started.stupid conveyancing.i hate conveyancing.we were in class for like 1 hour out of the supposed 3 hours!wth right,so we had a break from 1015am all the way to 2pm for me and 4pm for the rest like bell.omg lalunched at itas with jean,belle,sally,june.yay muttooon rice & spinach & egg whoooo & papayaaaa! haha headed t the library to watch movie,JUNO.we all havent watched it before,so yeah! it was cooolz & i like juno! i like her attitude hahah.met ryan & beesiang for drinks at bizzz before heading to french.omg we had culture quiz i think i got like 9/10 or 8/10 but bs got 10/10 omg!&&& we got back our last week’s 40% test results hahaha bs topped the whole class hahahah i have clever friends but sadly im stupid.mine wasnt that bad,but errr,not that satisfying either frigging in pain cuz i accidentally banged the class chair on my toe & its been bleeding all the way.even showed B my blood/cut haha!damn pain when i bathe,its those open wounds with blood oozing out eeeek. pissed off cuz reg mail hasnt arrived i wrote in to singpost & the receptionist called back hahahahah joke.guess it’ll come tmr or else ill slap the guy.

Role play in class.

DSC02921 DSC02919
frigging dont wanna study.


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