By the end of poly ill have white hair school was not bad today but french test was )*@&%*% up.will be happy if i get a B,somehow. so so so pissed off cuzzzzzz i got the hard paper!boo.wish i had Bs’s one haha.aiyah.i always wished i had brains like those smart asses,always wondered how come i can mug yet my grades turn out to be suckier as compared to those who slack the whole semester what to dooooooooo i shall go dig a hole in the ground & bury myself there lol.so pissedddddd man rarrrrrrrrrr i cannot wait for my secret escape after year 3 with Sh to some other country my new motivation is rui en.i loveeeee her hahaha im still pissed off omg! AHHHHHHHH. gonna mug the whole of tmr dammit its just 15% y’knowwww!what the hell!

today’s lunch with W,J & B was fun!haha,we met a reallllly pretty dog outside ITAS area at the pet facility.see the pic!jean was patting it haha.



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