had lunch with HPYs opposite school today! Bak kut teh + Kway chap + Bubble teaso niceeeeeee.attended conveyancing lecture which wasnt much of a use,sat at biz park to chit chat with hpys,then off t accounting tutorial & Ob after that omg OB like shit only,so boring likeeee *(#%^(@^ & role play was so idiotic please. & shaf used gloria’s hand to touch my butt today HAHAHA mad cow disease.ive got things arriving in the mail tmr! Sh’s doraemon mouse hehehe & something else.nyehehehhh.

exams are in like..13 days haha seriously worrying.& im flying off on the day exams end.sooooo,ill miss you baby!haha,if you believe me CAN YOU PLEASE VISIT!


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