to keep dancing;

omggg crankyyyy.woke up at 635am for a 9am tutorial dammit! chionged to bathe & shitttt,i came face to face with a lizard.ran out,shouted around & daddy caught it hahahahhhh,bathed in parent’s room thereafter.had my breakfast while blowing my hair dry,maid walked me out,and tada,there goes the 1 half hour long bus ride to darling TPit was jam packed please.conveyancing sucks! i keep getting Bs when people get As.suckass,seriously!chionged work for 4 hours straight cos i didnt wanna go to sch t pass up tmr/mon.[I HAVE NO SCH TMR & MON YOU SEEEE]blehhh lunched at ITAS and french with beesiang after that was fun!love french class,hate french.just damn hard to understand hohoho!my shades arrived in the mail tdythey are so pretttttyyyyy!i sold all my shades away thus i had the urge to get another back.

This is V & I in coveyancing lab.we took this while the tcher was talking hahhhh.

BTT tmr HOLEY COW!like sure fail only,still take for what please,anyone dares to sit in my car?LOL.


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