CONGRATS 3sa and jason on your holy matrimonymay God Bless you two always
mummy cooked damn nice food today.shepard’s pie,home made pizza & mushroom soup it was damn nice!Sh got to try it too hahahahah.been having headache for the entire day ): ): ): anyhowwww had yami yoghurt & coke for snack at suntec.Sh bought his Levi’s jeans.they’re havin some promotion now,you bring an old pair of jeans & they’ll give you $50 off your purchase of new Levi jeansso Sh got new ones for only $60!hahaha & its nice too!heheheh bet he’s one happy fellar.hmmm.i wanted to get a new phone today.cos sony ericson has been giving me many many many problems.shutting down on me for no reason,hanging & restarting many times.wanted to get Nokia phone!but daddy said t wait till he gets back from thailand then he’ll call up sony ericson & demand a replacement one for my 2 phones,lol. but srsly,even BS also has problems with hers,after repairing 3 times straight!omg la hahahah.okay anyway,service was alryt,stupid Sh ganged up with the rest & stole my slippers when i wasnt looking.so i had to walk around with 1.hahahah.talked to PPK today!ive missed her.all the best for the last few papers & seeeeeyou soon k darling!<3
 bleh my head hurts ): i have a surprise for tmr.hahahaha bye(: (: (:

Sh has big muscles.SHOW OFF -.-


yay stuff the new jeans into your bag haha.

good boy let me take a picture of you 😀

my lifelong goal is to find BIG FOOT/YETI & teach him to say hello to me & make friends with him & ask him what took him so long to appear.


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