every step we take together;

hahaha,last night was effed up.but its over,so nevermind,school was a bitch,has always been,even though it was just for an hour.trained all the way to dover to meet the prince.stupid please,make me go there plus wait 10 mins lol.had lunch at SP’s pizza hut!yummy hawaiian pizza,macaroni & cheese with mushrooms, cream of chicken,veggie soup,pepsiiii & chicken wings!all for only $16.bused to town,someone bought me ELF liquid eyeliner!i love elf lol.opened ELF spree on my blogshop,just ordered another 4 more items.anyone wants? come see, http://www.daintyshoes.blogspot.com anna sui hoodies have arrrrrived,will distribute to clique once i get it tmr/sun im damn tired please.bloody school,if the world didnt have school,everyone would be so much happier!BLEH 😡 hahahah.

he forced me to do this.hahahahah.
i bought that D!
Kelvin223 Kelvin225 Kelvin228 Kelvin231 Kelvin233
i bought those!


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