can i have this dance;

doraemon croc
hahaha,i bought that doraemon crocodile thing for fatty. you know its like you press all the teeth and one of them is the faulty one which woul clamp doraemon’s mouth on your finger lol. thought it was cute,so purchased online & had the blogshop mail it to his address hahahahhh,retarded only.
school was fine today.we did alot alot of conveyancing work -.- the lab keyboard table scratched my thigh,so now there’s one red & swollen linedamn long somemore,like around 5cm hahahhh.had lunch at KFC with the peeeeoplez.French with BeeSiang after that,it was fun!
school for 1 hr tmr,just gonna pass up conveyancing file, go for company law quiz[heard it was around 15-30 mins only],then train somewhere t meet fatty or something.

bleh ive to wait till 10pm to talk to him cuz hes having squash competition again!!! annoying pleaseeeeee.hahaha.i want to eat mushrooms & cheese & drink coke now!


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