night awaits.

boring day!stayed at home,online online online,went for lunch with mummy,did up some work,rotted around damn gone case,haha.stupid fatty wont be home till angry lorgo play squash for what,gong gongggg.sch tmr 11-6,but i think ill end up going from 1-6 cos R&B ps me&wk!haha,they went for lecture tdy,so tmr only me&wk,and wk sure late,so i might as well dont go alrnyeh nyeh laaar hahah,im hungry leh.daddy got my my company law textbooks awesomeeebut its from library one la!HAHAHA,borrow till april 😀 so long right yay kay bye!

ugly boy.HAHAHA hurry come home la fats!



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