today morning i got Sh to give me a wake up call at 8ish am,cuz i didnt wanna be late for Mel’s bday surprise!met the other 2 bffs at her house area,walked to her block,texted her boyfriend for block details.prepared the cake,we forgot to bring lighter,so borrowed from one uncle who smokes hahahhad damn lots of fun surprising her & stuff,hope mel enjoyed it hah!went up to her house for a while,her younger sis damn funny please,lol.we left after taking pics & catching up. Happy 18th darling bff!hope we made your special day better with our retarded surprise lol,guess youre having fun at Wang Lee Hom’s concert now?hahaha!ill see ya in school again k!<333 met Sh at serangoon,headed to Marsiling[omg so far away],met customer,passed her shoes,then met WG mates t head to Steph’s house for Gid’s surprise bday party.shall summarise it,it was damn funny & hell,we ate till we almost died of pizza and cake and grapes overdose lol! all went t church tgt for WG & dinner & service,it was a nice day spent with them cuz ive missed them all haha gid,hope you got shocked with the sprays or whatever its called lol,see ya next sat and have fun in your r/s with steph

that’s about it for today,been out for 12 hours straight hah.


Preparing the cake at void deck haha

DSC02501 DSC02505
make a wish bff!

undying love
n632076845_1439241_4542 n632076845_1439240_4300 n632076845_1439239_4064 n632076845_1439244_5281


❤ xoxooooo


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