Gotta blast!

 had to get my lazy ass outta bed at 730am today omg!earliest since forever.called Sh to wake up too,showered,used com,off to school by 830,reached early at 940,waited for B,headed for French lecture! it was pretty cool. OB was booooreeeeeeng.lunched with HPYs but didnt eat,cos mummy was pickin me up for lunch tgt kwayyy chap for lunchhhy!super nice.bought soya bean btea for myself,sis,maid,then headed home!did up some work,hence the rotting online sent me a top in the mail today!omg so sweeeeet he bought it for me online and it arrived at my doorstep about an hour ago,lol.thanks darling!iloveiti bit my tongue by accident last night,now there’s a big slit on it,shit!& it was bleeeedinggg eeeek.i just cut my own Fringe/hair cos it was poking my eyes,so annoying!snip snip snip lol,hope i dont look like a moron now.i cant wait fr tmr t be over!FFRIDAYYYY soon!HSM3 maybe!

found this cute pic in my sis’s com haha!
D heart 6



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