Woke up at 930 muahaha,had my breakfast & came online while waiting for Sh to come overstarted cooking before he arrived,in case it was too late lol.cooked oyster sauce veg with garlic,fried eggs[yuck,disaster pls haha],beef with chinese mushrooms,onions,garlic,chicken stock beef turned out fab.forgot to take pics lol but no one got a stomache after eating,so yay!bought 3 pairs of havainas slippers online,one for me,one for sh,one for daddy! i give him for xmas present LOL.daddy’s first pair of havainas,he was busy choosing his slipper colour lolll. went out around 4ish,transfered the $ for slippers,had snack at Mr Bean,went t shop around at Cold Storage,bused back tgt,then he went homeoh,did i mention i put make up on his face?hahaha,eyeliner,eyelights,mascara omg hahahahhhhh gay boy.

see my gay boy!
cock eyes hah

DSC02461 DSC02470 DSC02464 DSC02468

im craving sushi/sashimi.shit,sh this weekend? sushi!(:


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