in your face :D

i just got back not long ago.its 1230am!omg.been out since 11am lol.went to NP to find my fatty,had lunch with his friends at PS,then went to see the com can puke super duper dizzy please haha!dunno how they can play for so long.borrowed MX’s com to use internet hehe thanks!finally bought my beltzzz today,scouted around for my dearest C’s birthday present.Happy Birthday Darling!<3 wo ai ni. went to meet Customer,she gave me my awesome soft toys muahaha,show ya’ll another time!bought mummy [3sa] & daddy [jason] Moo’s wedding gift too. went to Funan Mall to get a mouse that Sh’s daddy wanted,then went to Central to wait for themhad jap dinns with his fam at Hakaido or sth,then went to Waraku for dessert lol,thanks uncle & aunty! & now im so freaking tired i think my eyes are gonna pop so so sleeeeeepy,cuz last night didnt sleep due to Green Tea overdose.harharhar.



I gave him that!haha

look at the sky!

Whatever stupid lol.

i think Fatty’s sis very pretty heh heh.

ok nights bye![;


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