travelled for what seemed like eternity today.not used to the long bus journey to school lol. met B for lunch,R & W were late,hhaahhh not surprising,chatted with B till 1ish,then we decided t get our lunch first,else we’d never get to eat haha,R came just as we were gna eat,so he joined us.Headed for our First Lecture for this sem,ACCOUNTING! super boring notes,but seeing everyone again was kinda nice.heheheh,back to life,zoooom zooooooom.

I’m gonna meet Sh tmr,yay he’s coming to find me in schoolsee,school ain’t that bad,still can meet on certain weekdays when we’re freeeeeeee!im so hungry now ): & no one’s online,Sh is having training again!stupid squash.haha.Its the O levels week! All the best Sis,Best cuzzie Megan & ppk!<3

i feel the NEED to drink mushroom soup now…cook for me?

 www.daintyshoes.blogspot.com & www.xanga.com/ilovetoycars !! 😀


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