service tdy was gooood!worship songs stuck in my head now lol. had lunch with fam + Sh at Causewaypoint,Ichiban Sushi! love Udon noodles!Fam left after that cos sis has O levels tmr hahaha.trained with Sh to Cityhall[again!!!] Walked around finding Wedding Cardz for Mr & Mrs Moo who are getting married on the 8th of november.hehe,you can visit their site at www.momentville.com/jason3sa  hoho,we’ve been waiting for this for 3 years lol! anywayyyy,we had Yami Yoghurt today!redeemed our free one cos we collected all the stamps alr,love love yami yoghurt like maddd & now Sylvia is addicted to it too!hahaha,yay yamiiii! been eating it for months already.Bused home & bought some sour sweets on the way,to stay alive/awake in school. welllll,school’s starting tmr!another journeyyyy of life,hohoho,sem 2.2,you better be good to me Ryan just asked us t meet for lunch tmr,hope the other 2 can make it!(: HPY hohoho,favourite.

15 months in…5 days!

Let us exalt His name together,forever
I sought the Lord He heard me
and delivered me from my fears;♥


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