Headed to Cityhall to collect 2 pairs of Rainbow loafers for Sis & myself hehe. i think they’re pretty but Sh says can buy at lower price onehaha i think so too,but i shall convice myself that it was worth it?!? lol.had lunch at Suntec,oyster meeeeesua & some calamari/buffalo wings/rice thing plus slushies?!? walked to N.library to return my bookz,headed t Bugis area,played at the arcade,omg it was damn fun,that freaking Jackpot game was damnnn fun!we had like 185 Tickets,so we exchanged them for 2 doraemon pens & some other thing. Then we were off t Bugis Street,Sh got me some high waist shorts haha,& i got him some doraemon keychain thing.Had btea,walked walkedddd,took bus to Woodlands,swear im not gna bus from Bugis t woodlands anymore,it took a freaking 1 hr 20 min to get there,plus it was effffffing crowded & squeezy & smelly yuck shit poo.bought mummy this damn nice working suit haha!had dinner at Banquet,bused to church,sat with peter & amos.i feel like buying new slippers/sandals!my charles & keith one just snapped.rollll eyezzzz.

Look carefully,there’s someone inside the doraemon!
Our many many tickets that came out lol.


Yami Yoghurt tmr!<3 visit &! thankyouvelly much(:


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