that way when you play the game;

baby you could never lose;

slept from 1035pm to 910am,sooo piggish,but its okay,was sick,haha excusesssswoke up when fatty called to say he was leaving for school.took a shower,ate my cheese sausage & left home at 1045am or so.the journey to NP was so damn long!took me almost 2 whole hours,including waiting time of cos walked around his sch area,texted clar baby & keith bffl,clar was in class,keith wasnt in school!boooo,haha didnt get to see them met Sh & his mates,cabbed down to Cine with Sh,Mx & Wx,aaron rode his bike down & Gw drove & Kt idk how he came lol.had BK for lunch,yuckkk i eat till can puke already,so i kinda skipped lunch,just drank coke & ate 2 small chicken wings walked around with Sh while they went t puff away lol,sh & i bused to Cathay while the rest crashed into 1 car,i didnt dare to sit lol!slacked at Cathay’s nice starbuckzzz,played stupid games & the forfeits were damn hilarious omg haha,drink sugar syrup & eat cinnamon powder haha! grossssss!left with Sh at around 5,headed to J8 for Yami Yoghurt,banana split kind!first time trying,it was yummmmmeh! headed to the Doc’s with parents after that,got some virus or sth,now ive the freaking inhaler again,but im not even asthamatic anymore!& some cough syrup that tastes like **** & causes drowsiness eeek.anyhow,meeting with a girl to collect my rainbow loafers & sis’s too!finally arrived & my ELF eyeliner arrived in the mail today,happpppy!thanks sh for the lotion,it smells damnnnnnn nice!<3

DSC02365 DSC02363


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