Great Joy!Woke up feeling damn uneasy so decided to use computer haha! TimeTable’s out! & ive found great joy haha!My TimeTable is awesome,thank you God,i love how you planned it for me,so i can meet Sh on fridays after we both end at 1!hehe

Monday: 11-4pm
Wednesday:10-1pm[2nd best day!]
Thursday:9-4pm[longest day!]
Friday:11-1pm[best day!]

Organisational Behaviour
Conveyancing Law[IS IT?it says CONV Law on the timetable lol]
Company Law[IS IT?lol]
Accounting 2

FRENCH for CDS,and guess what??? SAME CLASS AS BEEEEESIANGGGG!screamssss&shoutssss&jumps around HAHA damn happy! im gonna lurvvvvve French,i just know it haha!plus Ryan & Wk said that French very easy to get A,haha fingers crossed! work hard this sem,cuz its the last sem before attachment! & i cant wait to see what this sem has to offer me hehehe.

Sidetrack: HOME ALONE today.sissie’s having O level SPA,all the bestmummy went out for lunch with a friend,Sh is with his friends playing Lan & going back t school ltr & yay he bought me a Victoria Secret Pink Body Lotion[from his squash mate that runs a VS online shop]that smells of apple crisp & lilies yay! I so love you. & he helped me t borrow LKH’s other novel from NP libraryyyyy!<3 i have/had fever leh): & my throat is so clogged up i need a throat plumberrr,i am so sad,but im still going out tmr!


bye lovepotzzz enjoy this day xoxo


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