whoo studied at bishan library today morn till early afternoon!lunched at pastaaaa maniaaa(: then walked around,slacked at macs,ate ice cream,then back to the library to study AGAIN.super draining haha but it was fun!<3♥ went to toa payoh to get stuff then headed to church after that. then came home,ate my favourite instant nooodles haha the tom yam myojo one(: did up my outline for lcom,omg i think im gna fail ): pooo. oh yes i finished my peer teaching mind maps for tues alr!

the fooooood<3


this leeeetle boy in BHG messed up all the toy cars.omg la haha.


ahhh im feeling the need to study hard.shit,i cannot fail econs!RARRRRR.okay one more month till freedom.<3 whooots.

church again in 11 hrs time.omg im soooo so tired ):

goodnight lovelies(:


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