School from 10am till 4pm,then town! lcom lecture was retarded, tort project was kinda fun & sick!HAHA.lcom tutorial was sucha mad rush,had to do research on cases then do an outline & present it to the lecturer before we could leave. & shit,this weekend i have homeworkindividual outline.omg sad.towned after that♥fun fun!(: ❤ dinnered at my house area,then went home till 950pm,then went out then came back at 10 something?haha. thanks<3

dhamirah loves asking me to camwhore while walking up the stairs.


& again…


tort law grp mates(: excluding shaun.haha.


❤ ♥


whooo!damn nice(:


gonna study like crazy tomorrow morn till afternoon.then head to church later.poooo.i need to study;i need to study;i need to study(:



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