woke up at 545am today!damn early right omg,havent done tt since sec sch days.was so freaking tired by the time i reached sch at 655am phone accompanied me,and so did my econs book(; ❤ rehearsal began at 8 plus?presentation at 9-ish.was quite good i suppose,haha.just tt usual jittery feeling that haunts you once in a while.other than that,it went welllunched with Haopengyous at ITAS.we were happy people today hahaha.went to study room to do econs project,but we ended up eating,playing and yet completing work at the same time.HAHA pro or what!played real stupid stuff,they made me stand in the dustbin & jump around omg!!!haha.anyh,i forgot t mention that a little birdie flew in from my outside tree into my house this morning!its still somewhere in here cos we couldnt get it out.haha.

see the birdie on my fan!




before we started doing work…

DSC01044 DSC01045

this sweet is love(:


during work..

DSC01050 DSC01051 DSC01052

play time!haha


B’s forfeit HAHA


W’s forfeit to sing to the aunty lol.


R was supposed to shout ‘HI EVERYBODY!’downstairs.


B had to eat tissue paper under the table!


R had to pluck 10 leg hair HAHA.


our origami games,LOL.


had super alot of fun today,homed with W & R!(: yay.haha.they 3 make school so much better,everyday<3 (:

& BFFS.I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!![times one million]

❤ hello hello its okay its okay!:) smile smile!♥♥


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