school on monday always sucks.haha.its like you’re still in the weekend mood but shit,you have to switch back to the book-ish mood= studying.eeew.mico tutorial was crap.35 mins only HAHA.supposed to be 2 hrs la,what the heck right?.lunched at ITAS,errr,haha it was awkward today cos 1haopengyou wasnt in the very best of moods,but ayeeee nehmind,still happy yes yes?so yes lunch was quieter today,LSM lecture got cancelled,so we had 3 hrs 25 mins break.well,we headed to the library to slack on the sofas.R & W fell asleep,while B & i read papers & mags.they 2 slept from like 11 plus till like.almost ONE.HAHA,ohmy.soooo yes.after that we headed to Cheers to get chocs.for criminal law tutorial.class was boring with a capital B.i almost fell asleep.i emphasize on ALMOST.haha..after school my grp had LSM presentation rehearsal for rained to damn heavily,like gonna kena tornado please.went home with W,haha fun bus ride,nice talk 

crim was boring,here’s the cutest chocolates ever!(:


airport last night(: pretty!


in the sky train at 10pm 😀


i<3 the slippers HAHA(:


after tmr,one project down.3 more to go.YAY kickass.

(: yliilyyliily<3333333333333333333♥



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