All in all,today was rather good!did up on one micro article.had tort law project from 11 to 2,omg tiring crap,but yay work’s all doneLcom lec & tut were alryt i guess.oh yes we finished our Criminal law report!FINALLY.happiness please.night was spent omg guess what,while in the train,i looked out and OMG RACHEL LIMMMMM!and her face was like :O too HAHA.finally met her after like one gazillion years,haha it was nice meeting you ex-partner,cliquemate,cousin!sent her home,then went home.haha.omg im damn happy,can bump into her after sooo long,and i managed to catch up with her during that short while♥

Image011 DSC01006



omg B what are u doing under the computer table with all those wires!!!


TP open house=mad havoc everywhere.


LSM project tmr,

walao,my week’s damn tiring.but heh im still happy.

thanks for the ST,B,& D(: <333 happiness♥


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