God is the solution.

& then you feel like the world’s closing in on you.

stupid everthing’s killing the shit outta me.the workload’s crap i swear man.damn scared that ill have to retake subs this semester cos the law subjects are hell,i promise you.starting to feel the pressure already.at this rate ah,go what NUS/SMU man.more like overseas please.so tiring to think of everything.so tiring to think of how im gonna do even better this semester.so tiring to think of the future & what ill be doing.so tiring to worry about life and everything else.so tiring to think of how i shouldnt be worrying about all these & trusting God.

everything’s tiring nowadays.im too tired to think about all the tomorrows.

& i need sleeeep.if not i swear ill go mad with all these work and thoughts.

thank you,you,for everything<3 ♥

& thank you God,for always being there.

damn tired,goodnight.


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