its okay!(: <3

school was like OMG.wasted 1 hr in the morning…Lcom lecture was quite sian..3 hrs break was spent on doing tort law,last hour was spent with mel png bff<3 ate,talked,laughed,had fundeb bff came for a while!went ‘shopping’with mel,haha bought some bangles(: Lcom lab lesson was hell tiring.watched some video and fell asleep on the table,haha everyone did.teacher gave us 20 mins to sleep haha went to SMU to find daddy after school!he brough me around,then we went to TCC to eat cake & drink coffffeeee(: so fun heh.then back to his office,trained to bishan where mummy picked us up for dinner

nice catching up with you,bff<3


deb gave us these!so cute right omg!


our bangles(:




whoo cheesecake & oreo mocha<3 haha


daddy’s damn big com screen!


shit ive got school tmr.i think im gonna pon socio make up tutorial.damn tired la please!but i still have to go for LSM project HARHAR.shit and i have cramps.the stupid pink pill aint doing its job know.nyehh! feel like sleeping now.omg pig!!!


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