bye jeffy!):

didnt have time t blog ytd,was out since school started till like night time almost 11class was like ultimate boring,got back socio resultsnyehh pok.evening till night was fun!headed to airport at like 9pm.met clarice,keith & his girlfriend lihyuan.waited for jeffffffy.his barker mates came,then he came with his fam.omg jefffy ): haha i think ill miss you la!okay i WILL miss i cant sms you all those random shit gossips,and haha,we cant meet up to stick * in *’s hair,haha.i guess ill see you when you get back in july!heh rmb what i told you,bring back hot ang moh girlfriend kay!have fun in aussieland & study hard!xoxo



the barker peoplezxzx






pls ignore my spas face.

DSC00958 bored the crap outta me.had to wake up at like 6am just to go for LSM consultation for bloody 10 mins.omg omg so pissing.haha.anyhow,decided to go for econs lecture since i was alr in school.boring shits,was behind talking to R & B.lunched with 3hpys!oh & i finally met mel png!haha omg mel you emo girl hahaha cry for what tsk LOL.i love you!meet up for lunch tmr<333 took bus back alone ): eee.heh later mummy is going to bring me to buy new school bag YAY!i neh buy for like 7 mths alr la my bag’s gna break haha.

stupid econs pangsai.

DSC00960 DSC00959

did this during lecture(: haha so HAPPY:)


kay byebye i shall eat 2nd lunch now haha imma pig cannot ah!:) <333



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