bye 2007,hello 2008!:)

hello smello,its 1 hr 45 mins to 2008!the cousins are over at my place,partying.but errr,haha some’s playing mahjong,some on guitar,some playing cards,some eating & drinking.& so im one of those not in any categories,and thus i shall update my blog.haha.

school wasnt that bad tdy.just that the feeling of going t school on the last day of the year kinda sucked.had micro grp report consultation,R was late for school but he managed to rush on time for our grp’s turn(: lunched with the 3 hao peng yous(: it was good! and the rest of the day was majorly good as well.♥ <333 coconuts & malt candy & sausages & lovely company(: ❤ such as nice way to end 2007

ive got my new year’s resolutions all set,so here they are:

1.grow closer to God.DO MY QT everyday.
2.learn to prioritize better.
3.continue having gd relationships with friends(:
4.more time with family. well in studies.
6.cut down on computer time. a good daughter & sister. a good testimony.
9.surrender things to God more often. trust God even more each day.
11.more __ with  (:

happy 2008 all,may the coming year be filled with happiness,joy,contentment,fulfilment & excitementGod Bless(:

sidetrack-going out with the cousins & one of their girlfriends tmr fun(: <333 might watch alvin & the chipmunks AGAIN,tskkkk

more pics from gab’s cam(:

.DSC00123 DSC00122

DSC00102 DSC00103 DSC00104 DSC00132 DSC00129 DSC00135 DSC00125

2007,i love,thankyou<333



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